Mike Kirkhoff & Donna Kirkhoff

My wife Donna and I have been members of Summit City since early 2004.  Since joining, our levels of fitness and health have increased tremendously!  I have lost over 50 pounds and Donna has lost over 20 pounds.


What initially started with 20-30 minutes of light aerobics a few times per week, is now elevated to an hour of rigorous aerobics daily, as well as weight lifting, core work and vast participation in the many fitness classes offered.  I run over an hour daily and Donna will often run 45 minutes during a workout, which is something considering she never ran at all before joining.  We both attend the club daily and the only days we don’t are the days the club is closed for holiday.


We hold the Summit City staff in the highest regard, particularly our aerobics instructors Laura, Amy and Jessica who we consider great fitness mentors as well as great friends!


For me personally, I owe my life to Dave and Susan who administered CPR and defibrillation on New Year’s Day, 2009, when I suffered cardiac arrest; an event that only 3% of people survive.

Teresa Jerome

I have been a member at Summit City Fitness for about a year. Here are just a few of the many things that I have gained since becoming a member of Summit City Fitness. More Energy, a New Wardrobe and a Great Sense of Well Being.


Summit City Fitness is a big part of my everyday life. The staff is great! The members are great! Even my 3 year old likes going to Summit City FItness to see Nikki and the other kids in the Wonderful Daycare!


In all, I have lost about 50 lbs in the last year and look forward to losing more!

Before & After Pics

Jeanette Dager

When I joined Summit City Fitness I had already lost 60 lbs. With the help of the club and Weight Watchers I lost an additional 56 lbs. I am in the best shape of my life and this is the smallest I have ever been. For the first time I ran two 5km races this past summer! Summit City Fitness is like a 2nd home to me. Everyone is so great to me and my girls. They enjoy coming here just as much as I do!